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Multimedia radio broadcasters with multi-area coverage: the epitome of modern radio broadcasting excellence

Welcome to the world of multimedia radio broadcasters with multi-area coverage, where innovation and quality come together to offer a unique and captivating radio broadcasting experience. We take pride in presenting you with a wide range of radio stations that cover different geographical areas, providing a diverse variety of content to satisfy the tastes of every listener.

Our multimedia radio broadcasters are at the forefront of the industry, combining the power of traditional radio with the opportunities offered by digital technology. This synergy allows us to deliver original and high-quality programming, ranging from trending music to investigative journalism, as well as engaging entertainment and culturally valuable programs.

Our multi-area coverage enables us to reach a vast audience, both in major cities and rural areas, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible service for all. We are proud to be a point of reference for listeners of all age groups, offering content that spans from timeless classics to the latest hits of the moment.

Furthermore, the multimedia component of our radio broadcasters further enhances the listener's experience. In addition to traditional radio broadcasts, we also offer the option to stream programs online and access exclusive podcasts, so you never miss an episode of your favorite programs.

Choosing our multimedia radio broadcasters with multi-area coverage means immersing yourself in a world of boundless entertainment. We are ready to amaze and thrill you every day with our innovative and engaging programming. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy cutting-edge radio experience: join us and let yourself be carried away by the waves of sound!


The music you've always adored

From today onwards, you can now follow it both on the go with DAB+ and online.



It has been over 50 years, but it doesn't show its age.

Radio Sanremo is a concrete reality, strengthened by its association with the fame of the City of Music and the Festival. The digital revolution has greatly expanded its listening potential, reaching significant numbers from all around the world, thanks to the strong appeal of the broadcaster's name, always guided by the timeless Artistic Director Mauro Birocchi.



Un'Esperienza Radiofonica Celestiale con Tecnologia DAB+

Virgo Radio, la nuova emittente radiofonica che porta l'arte dell'ascolto a un livello superiore, grazie alla tecnologia DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus).

Siamo dedicati a offrire un'esperienza radiofonica eccezionale, con un mix di contenuti unici, qualità audio cristallina e una connettività avanzata.

Virgo Logo

Lo Staff Dirigenziale

L’entusiasmante avventura durata quasi cinque decenni si appresta ad affrontare ora la sfida della comunicazione globale grazie anche alla recente presenza di una nuova società, la CM WORLDWIDE HOLDING PLC con sede a Londra e Milano,  interessata allo sviluppo del progetto.

Grazie al contributo tecnico del nuovo Direttore generale Mario Chiavalin, da oggi è anche possibile scaricare la App RADIO SANREMO dagli store per smartphones o per l’autoradio o utilizzare gli smart speakers domestici come Alexa di Amazon.

Inoltre la produzione radiofonica a partire da quest’anno è stata affiancata da Sanremo Tv  diffusa in tutta Italia in DVB-HBBTV sul canale 170 al tasto verde del telecomando. Sanremo Tv non è la classica radiovisione ma un canale dedicato alla trasmissione di musica ed eventi live con un occhio di riguardo agli eventi sanremesi, ma non solo, realizzati con il supporto di APP MOVIE, la struttura partner dotata di ogni moderna tecnologia per la produzione audiovisiva con mezzi mobili fino a 16 telecamere in HD e 4K.

Anche Sanremo Tv è fruibile tramite la App RADIO SANREMO oltre che dal web anche su Android Tv, Apple TV, Chromecast e su Firestick di Amazon.       

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity. Explore our website and uncover everything there is to know about our service.

How can I receive Radio Sanremo?

Throughout the Ligurian Riviera, you can tune in to Radio Sanremo thanks to the widespread FM signal and multipatform capabilities, both on the go and on TVs and cars equipped with cutting-edge reception systems such as:

  • DAB+
  • Apple TV, Samsung TV, Google TV
  • Apple Auto, Google Auto
  • App IOs e Android.
  • Su tutti i tipi di browser web, desktop, tablet e telefoni cellulari mobili
What type of music does Radio Sanremo broadcast?
Radio Sanremo is an Italian radio station that was born on April 22, 1976. The broadcaster airs a diverse range of content including light music, politics, sports, and current affairs. Sanremo is the home for all music-loving Italians and through radio broadcasting, it exports the culture of an entire nation even to foreign shores.
How many listeners does Radio Sanremo have?

In the past month, Radio Sanremo's global audience of listeners has surpassed the threshold of 90 million minutes of listening, with 70% coming from the United Kingdom alone when it comes to internet streaming. This achievement is made possible by the cutting-edge server technology that is distributed across the globe.

Furthermore, the potential coverage of Radio Sanremo extends beyond internet streaming, with all other broadcasting systems generating audiences. In Italy alone, the potential reach is currently estimated at 30 million individuals.