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Independent company for the management of radio and television licenses

Sanremo Reti e Media specializes in managing licenses for radio and television broadcasters, ensuring a transparent and unbiased process. Our mission is to promote and protect freedom of expression and media pluralism. We collaborate closely with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance with current regulations and drive innovation in the industry. We take pride in offering a professional and reliable service to industry operators, enabling them to broadcast quality programs that meet the needs of the audience. Choose our company for radio and television license management and benefit from the support and expertise of a dedicated team committed to promoting the success of your broadcasting

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About Us

We specialize in local commercial radio and television broadcasting. Our team creates captivating radio and television programs that are broadcasted on our channels or provided to third parties for transmission on digital networks.



Communication, public relations, press office, research, selection, and dissemination of information for the press or clients, both in written and audiovisual form. Moreover, we function as a press agency, providing services in text editing, creation and production of radio and television programs, audiovisuals, and communication training courses.

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We specialize in creating publications, brochures, corporate house organs, graphic designs, websites, products, and multimedia presentations. Our expertise also includes conceptualizing, executing, and managing advertising campaigns, as well as preparing, editing, and distributing books, magazines, and newspapers.

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